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Senior Partner at New York Life

After 15 years in the financial planning business, I needed something to push my mindset to the next level and I started working with Chuck in the fall of 2018. Within the first few meetings with Chuck, I was feeling better about my personal and professional future than I had in years. Now in August 2019 he has helped my mindset greatly and I am having my best recruiting and personal income year ever. Without reservation, I recommend Chuck to anyone looking to increase their performance, leadership impact, and happiness.


President, CEO and General Agent at MassMutual Idaho

Chuck Downs is a complete inspiration to work with. We work with Chuck on a monthly basis and continue to develop the fundamentals he established in our workshop. I believe Chuck is second to none in creating balance in life, business, family, and especially creating a VISION and living by it.


Partner at Akerman LLP

Chuck is a talented professional that is able to connect on a personal level and motivate individuals to achieve their goals by identifying our deficiencies without criticism or judgement and defining simple and straight forward action plans to help us get out of our comfort zones.


President and General Agent at MassMutual South Carolina

Working with Chuck has been a real game changer for our Firm. Chuck brings to the table a level of not only industry experience, but also life experience that has proven to be valuable in helping to shape the minds of our leaders and associates alike.


Strategist | Coach | Keynote Speaker | Ideapreneur

Chuck Downs is a masterful communicator in every situation. If you're speaking with him one-on-one you always know he is engaged and focused on you and your needs. In small group situations he is the one who makes sure everyone's voice is heard. From the stage he delivers his powerful message in a way that connects with each member of the audience and reveals insights you can use. His presence is palpable and his passion for others overflows. If you're seeking a speaker to serve your audience, make them comfortable with a message that inspires them to do more and pursue their potential, I highly recommend Chuck Downs.


MassMutal Idaho

Chuck works with our Agency Leadership Team and his insight into growing as an individual as well as a team is valuable. Bringing together the art, as well as the science, behind development of leaders will have a great impact on my own growth as a leader. What brought most value was that it reached each person, specific to what they are going through and what their opportunities and challenges are. His open and honest style is appreciated.