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Chuck Downs Podcasts

Listen to recent podcasts with Chuck 

Chuck is in the business of helping others live an epic life & in this podcast he shares his secrets! 

Chuck Downs, Founder of Downs Consulting, creator of the course Epic Life  Secrets, and a Peak Performance Coach for successful entrepreneurs and top financial advisors.  

Becoming What You Think About with Chuck
00:00 / 29:59

3 Top Takeaways: Becoming What You Think About with Chuck Downs


  • A 2000-year-old secret- as a man thinketh; We become what we think about

  • Increase the number of positive thoughts which will automatically decrease the number of negative thoughts

  • Purpose is developed, not discovered

  • It wasn’t the things I wanted; it was the feelings we think the things will give us

  • We need to become our own pharmacists and be in creative mode

  • When we connect to our higher self, there is no limit to the meaning magic magnificence that life will reveal to us

How to Reach Your Full Potential and Liv
00:00 / 28:39

What We Dig Into

  • What does an epic life look like?

  • What’s the 2000 year old secret to success?

  • What are the obstacles holding us back?

  • How can we lower stress, let go of fear and live a happier life?

  • How can we find our purpose?

Chuck Downs joins Sam today on Fuel Your Legacy to discuss how not to make the mistake of living life too small.Chuck discusses how he jumped into financial services early in his career and overcame early struggles with the help of a book by Zig Ziglar by establishing his own purpose and creating a clear vision for his business. Sam and Chuck talk about becoming what we think about and making the necessary changes in our brain for sustained success.Join the conversation!

Chuck Downs is the founder of Downs Consulting, creator of the course Epic Life Secrets, and a Peak Performance Coach for successful entrepreneurs and top financial advisors.

Twelve years into that career he opened an office in downtown Miami for a Fortune 150 company. Although he liked financial planning, he loves helping people find their purpose and fulfill their potential. In 2017 he retired from financial services to live his dream of helping people create an Epic Life.

How to lead an epic life today on Power Lunch.

It can be confusing and painful to have an unclear purpose or fall short of your potential. No one has ever felt good about underperforming. When you find your purpose then you can fulfill your potential. That’s how you have more clarity, get bigger results, feel better and show up better. Our guest today, Chuck Downs, wants to help you find your purpose, fulfill your potential and live an epic life.

Our guest had a life-changing moment that started by reading a stranger’s obituary, and realized that there was more meaning to life when he connected with a very important person from his past. He had a successful two-decade career in the financial services industry and, after experiencing this eye-opening development, is now helping people in realizing and fulfilling their life’s vision. This is my conversation with speaker and life coach Chuck Downs.

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