Helping Leaders Develop 

Peak Performance Teams

A Four Step Guide to Creating a Truly Impactful Vision for Your Life

Low Productivity

Slow Growth

Stress and Worry

Not Attracting a Great Team

Poor Retention

Lack of Control

Small Results and Impact

Feeling Unfulfilled

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are 

not getting the best from their teams.

The Single-Minded Pointedness process helps leaders guide their team through the art and science of 

doing what matters most, when it most matters.

The result is an increase in productivity, profit, 

and realized potential.

"Since knowing Chuck I've been inspired to practice being the best version of myself. With his guidance, my business has doubled and my family is forever grateful."

Jayson J Brown


Camden Capital 

"Chuck brings out the best of what is already inside, both personally and organizationally and then builds the process to consistently hold it accountable. 

He has unique way of making you and your team feel good about where you are and at the same time pushing you to understand and believe that you can accomplish so much more. 

I am a better leader, husband, and father because of my time with Chuck."

Matt Moraski

Managing Principal

OneDigital Health and Benefits

"Chuck was a major reason our firms production was up over 30% last year. He has been a fabulous resource for both my leadership team as well as my own development."

Michael Maletteri

Agency President 

MassMutual Oregon  

Time isn't always what you believe it to be. Time is made of experiences, and by viewing time based on events that are going to happen in the future, you are better positioned to do the things you want to maximize those experiences without the constant constraint of time. 

If you want your organization to be more profitable, then help your team be better prepared to tackle the day. When your people implement a pre-work ritual that helps them ...

A vision is what guides you and your organization forward. Without a vision, it's very difficult to create the life you want to have.

Chuck Downs Speaking Live

Chuck Downs, Founder of Downs Consulting, addresses a live audience and walks them through ways to create the ultimate life they've been striving for. 

We start by identifying the challenges and areas of opportunities for your team. 

Next, we create the roadmap to overcome the challenges and maximize the opportunities. 

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Then, we hold a one-on-one with each leader, followed by a workshop supported by a nine month coaching and accountability program.

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